Agritechnica: SMARTRAC “Line”
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Agritechnica: SMARTRAC “Line”

New generation self-propelled mixer feeder wagons

The aspect "time" is becoming increasingly important in modern agriculture. Beside this it is important to feed as efficient as possible with minimal nutritional losses. Keeping this in mind Trioliet introduces the “Smartrac Line”. The Smartrac combines both the speed and comfort of a self-propelled machine along with the efficiency and fibre preservation of a cutting system.

As feed costs take an ever increasing part in the total costs on a dairy farm it is getting more and more important to handle the expensive feed with care. With a cutting system the silage  can be loaded from a silo without wasting the structure of the feed. Because of the smooth functioning of the cutting system the silo does not loose up and a smooth and tight silo face is left behind. All residual feed can be loaded fast en accurate to reduce losses of nutritional value by heating as much as possible. Since the machine loads itself directly in front of the silo, feed losses by driving around with a separate loading vehicle belong to the past.

Thanks to the speed and ease of operating of the Smartrac, feeding more often a day comes within reach lifting the DM intake and feed efficiency to a higher level. The Smartrac also allows to create multiple rations for various production groups.

Due to the different requirements, such as farm yard circumstances, dimensions of cow houses, silo heights, etc. Trioliet now offers different Smartrac solutions. Our Smartrac “Line” contains the Smartrac G, the Smartrac T and the Smartrac S. The engine, drive line and auger drive of each Smartrac match perfectly for an optimal feeding machine. Not wasting energy (and money) by a too big engine or even a too small engine with the need for supplementary reduction gearboxes.

As only self propelled mixer on the market the Smartrac proves to be a multifunctional machine as well by offering a feed-push system. One machine for loading, mixing, discharging and pushing feed.

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Smartrac G

10m³ and 12m³

Suitable for low barns because of the maximum height of only 2,70 m.

High loading capacity by telescopic loading system

Cutting height up to 4,50m

Low fuel consumption because of the cutting system and mechanical drive

Less feed losses because of preservation of the structure from the silage and a smooth silo face

Compact and manoeuvrable

Optimum view during loading, because of swivel chair and operation controls

Value for money

Smartrac T

10m³ and 12m³

Wide cutting system (2,24m)

High loading capacity due to a wide and big cutting frame

Manoeuvrable machine

Cutting height from 3,15 to 3,60 m

Smartrac S

Compact and manoeuvrable machine

Quick and easy to handle compared to a tractor + trailed mixer feeder combination

Easy reversing, ideal for U-stables



The telescopic cutting-loading system cuts out the feed and transports it into the mixing chamber. After loading, a smooth and clean silage face is left behind. The Smartrac is able to load any feed, including grains and even square and round bales, in a fast and accurate way.



The Smartrac is equipped with the proven Twin Stream vertical mixing auger with Trioform auger knives. The horizontal position of the Trioform knives ensures an optimum cutting performance with less resistance. The knives are self-sharpening and the special shape results in a higher strength and improved life time.

High discharge capacity by front cross conveyor

The front cross conveyor belt(VLH-B) discharges the feed evenly to the left or to the right side. The 2,44m long conveyor can optionally be equipped with a side shift. A curved front cross conveyor (VLH-C) or flat front cross conveyor chain (VLH-K) are also possible.

Mechanical drive train

The Smartrac is equipped with a mechanical gearbox in combination with an electro-hydraulic reverse and a Hi-Lo shift per gear. There are 24 gears forward and 12 gears backward. The maximum speed is 25 km/h with hydraulic brakes on every wheel.

Mechanically driven mixing auger

The mechanically driven vertical auger can electro-hydraulically be activated by the push of a button. Two auger speeds are possible for a low power requirement and efficient mixing along with a full clean-out speed during discharging.

Technical information Smartrac G:

Capacity                10 m³                12 m³        

Discharge                Cross conveyor belt in front

Length (m)            7,60                7,60

Width    (m)            2,55                2,55

Height (m)            2,70                3,00

Track width (m) (front)                2,42

Track width (m) (rear)                2,45     

Wheelbase (m)                    4,11    

Cutting height max. (m)                4,50        

Cutting width (m)                    1,45        

Cutting depth max. (m)                0,55        

Discharge height (m)                0,59    

Engine (diesel) KW                56 (76HP)

Tires, front                    385/65 R 22.5 (2x)

Tires, rear                    295/60 R 22.5 (2x)

Number of auger knife positions      7                  10

Number of knives mounted            4                   7

Capacity of fuel tank (L)                140 

Max. speed (km/h)                         25        

Trioliet reserves the right to make changes in design and specifications, or to add new features without obligation on implements before or after such changes are made


     Electronic weighing system        

     Camera system

     Feed push system on the left and / or right side

     Electric speed regulation cross conveyor

     Side shift for cross conveyor belt

     Curved cross chain conveyor with side shift


     TÜV certification 25 km/h